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School Visits

I am a Maryland-based author-illustrator offering a variety of in-person programs.

My school visit programs are engaging and fun! They encourage curiosity, creativity, storytelling, and open-mindedness.

Please email me for inquiries:

The Story of Storymaking

In this program, we will explore what it's like to be an author-illustrator.  The students will learn about me and my road to publication. I will give students an inside look at my creative process, as well as a peek into how publishing works. (How many drafts do I write? What do early sketches look like? What are storyboards? Why are revisions important? How many rejections did I receive before getting a yes? What is it like to work with an editor? How long does it all take? etc) I also do a short Q&A.


Audience: K-5

Length: 45 mins (This time can be shortened to 30 mins for younger age groups)


Story Maker 

Students will identify/review the parts of a story. We will create a zany story (or two) using my Interactive Story Maker Mad-lib. We will shape our story by choosing, at random (from my magic word buckets), a character, a setting, a goal, and a conflict. We will mash these elements together to create a unique story. Oh, the possibilities! After our story pieces are in place, we will need to come up with an ending TOGETHER! This is a fun, interactive program that focuses on idea generation, collaborative thinking, creativity, and storytelling.


Audience: 2-5

Length: 45 mins (Works with small and large groups)


Character Mash Up

Students will review 'What is a Character'? We will identify the traits of popular characters and consider how those traits affect their story. We will create a character (or two), together! We will examine the traits of our new character(s) and build their story by asking questions like: "How does this character get around? What does it eat? Is it afraid of anything? Where does it live? What does it love to do? Etc. 

Audience: K-2

Length: 30 


Tootie and Teeny Storytime

This program is designed for younger audiences. It is a Tootie and Teeny storytime! But not just any storytime, an interactive storytime! I will ask one brave adult to join me in acting out some of our favorite Birtle scenes. Students will be asked to join in for some of the parts as well. This is a fun and silly storytime full of laughs.


Audience: PreK-K 

Length: 30 mins 



Full Day (4 presentations) – $700

Half Day (2 presentations) $400

Single Presentation – $250

Travel expenses/mileage will be added to the cost for out-of-state visits or in-state visits that are more than 90 miles away. Please email Tara for booking details

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